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Partners & Friends

  • Ambrossia
  • Armagnac L’Encantada
  • Balder Brygg AS
  • Brogsitter
  • Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate
  • Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas
  • Brasserie de Brunehaut s.a.
  • Casa Vinicola Bennati
  • Chateau Mercier -5 Mercier
  • Clos St. Thomas sal
  • Dante Rivetti
  • Domaines Francis Abecassis
  • Domaine Thevenot Le Brun
  • Empresas H. Segura E.I.R.L.
  • Golser Wein GmbH
  • Kuentz-Bas Alsace
  • Oliver Burridge & Co Ltd
  • Rhum Damoiseau
  • Saven S.A
  • Sektkellerei Gebr. Szigeti GmbH
  • Sogevinus Fine Wines S.A.
  • The Walnut House Sarl
  • Vins Descombe SAS

Become a partner

We offer a successful route into the Norwegian market.
Our job is to give our partners long-term sustainable growth in the Norwegian market – both off-trade and on-trade.

Off-trade – our approach to the monopoly system is to focus on distribution opportunities through order range and basic and test listings.
On-trade – we build embassies for our partner brands and work with our on-trade clients in long-term partnerships.
Tax-free – long-term relationships with key staff who always strive to identify new opportunities.

A proven track record of success, built on focus and a strong presence in the market.
Mutual trust through open and constructive communication and cooperation.